instigative projects

instigative project 1 (related to elizabeth jones):

Challenge yourself to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable (start a conversation with a stranger, stand on one foot for an hour). Think about what you learned you are capable or not capable of.

instigative project #2 (related to charlie schneider):

Think of something that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t because you were afraid that others would think it was crazy (sleep for 24 hours straight, watch a Matlock marathon, not eat for 2 days, walk from home to work instead of driving, etc).

Do that thing.

After you’ve completed your goal: How do you see your life differently?

instigative project #3 (related to grace summanen):

Instigative project: When you get home, find an object or objects that you were going to throw out and repurpose them creatively into something you could use. For ideas, Google “repurpose items”.


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