the edges have shifted

Sometimes, fear comes right to our door and shakes us through an image. The threat is real and there is no safety. We stand there, bare and raw and searching for an explanation. But, there isn’t one. The bombings in Boston (or the shootings in Connecticut, Colorado, Norway and 9/11 itself) make us all acutely aware of how little we control and how little we can understand about someone else’s motivations. Maybe we are comforted by others but at the same time are unsettled at the possibility of chaos occurring anywhere at any time. The nature of chaos is that we can not follow it. And the fear exists because, despite all the systems we’ve set up for our own safety–the boundaries where here is safe and there is not are exposed as being temporary constructions that bring us temporary comfort.

Do we continue to live in fear and shudder at the impossibility of knowing what might happen next? The only answer is to move forward–to begin to reconstruct the systems that bring us comfort, regardless of how they’ve morphed, adapted, mutated. Every time we recede and then proceed, either placing more restrictions on ourselves or digging in to the muck of the deeper problems at work. One has us abiding, the other drifting into nebulous spaces of uncertainty that lay on the other side of the line.


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