Losing track of time

there's more on the other side of the window

there’s more on the other side of the window

It’s about that time, after a show opens, where people start to enter a different concept of time and begin to wonder “did I miss that show?”, “when did that open?”, “who am I?”

Well I am here to remind you that this show is more than simply a website but it actually takes place in physical space with works from people made of flesh and blood. Their work has something to offer you and…oh look! Conveniently enough, the gallery space will be open from 12-4pm on Saturday!

We’ve had visitors spend a half hour or more to look at all the works in this show. People have sent me messages afterwards telling me how they couldn’t stop thinking about Benita Raphan‘s Great Genius and Profound Stupidity or Mathias Kessler‘s Timeline. The works have sparked conversations about our own ability or inability to push our own limits.

Come and do more than look in the window. Life is about stepping through the door and seeing what’s there.

Frontal Lobe Gallery at Bragg’s Pie Factory, 1301 Grand Avenue, Suite B, Phoenix, AZ

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